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IT Strategy

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Our IT Strategy methodology begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the current state of your business and then clarifying exactly where you want your business to be in your desired future state. We then identify and prioritise technology investments and map them against the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and your desired outcomes.

Our role is to weave the conversation around technology into your regular business strategy and planning cycles, including budgeting.


We help you to determine why your business needs technology,
what technology is needed and what is the most effective way to use it to support your goals.

ITdirector.ie develop organisational roadmaps for implementing technology, along with detailed budgeting and SMART outcomes.

Our IT Strategy deliverables include :


Technology Planning Process

Engaging the right business leaders and gaining support

Technology Strategy (Three Year Rolling)

From your business perspective, establish why your organisation needs technology and what it hopes to accomplish with it. We determine how your organisation can best use technology to further its mission and support its goals.

Technology Plan (current year + 2)

We assess existing resources, gaps, and explore potential tech solutions.

Our extensive experience over the last 30 years has enabled us to identify and avoid the main pitfalls of creating and implementing a successful IT Strategy. The key pitfalls include the following . . . .

  • Fixing the “wrong problem” through poor diagnosis of what the underlying problem actually is
  • Impatience demonstrated by infatuation with the new “shiny” technology
  • Wanting to “get started” without the proper analysis, research or upfront fit analysis
  • Rushing to deploy technology without a proper analysis and prioritisation of needs/value drivers
  • Failure to use an experimentation/learning mind set (e.g. minimum viable product/iterate) and instead taking a risky “bet the bank” approach
  • “Ladder against the wrong wall” where the solution is not looked at in the context of long-term strategy or business issues
  • Too narrow focus on short term opportunity/challenges.
  • Over/under sold technology by over optimistic vendors or service providers (Too complex/expensive; insufficient for long-term needs ; poor IT ecosystem fit etc)
  • Poor project preparation
  • Unclear (phased) objectives
  • Insufficient leadership support or misalignment
  • Under resourced or insufficient budget
  • Vague assignment of post project benefit delivery to individuals/functions
  • Lack of attention to project management best-practice
  • Poor implementation
  • Basic PM activities not being applied
  • Failing to refer to, and track objectives/ benefits – team over-focused on “technical delivery” and forgetting to ask, “Why are we here?”
  • Poor change management and user adoption
  • Sub-par communication and stakeholder management
  • Insufficient user engagement and training
  • Thinking you’re done when you’re not
  • Poor post project activities to ensure “stickiness” including assessing utilisation and user issues that need to be addressed

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