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IT Director Service

Tailored access to an experienced IT Director when you need it.

Are you a Managing Director or Finance Director responsible
for IT in a SME and are struggling to make the most of technology?

Finding the time to develop an IT strategy aligned with your business goals can difficult.

Cloud IT Services are now levelling the playing field with larger competitors and offer affordable solutions to SMEs. These allow you to streamline business processes and offer more compelling value to customers.

Evaluating each vendor’s claims, selecting and implementing the right systems and ensuring you achieve the benefits from your investment requires a lot of specialised knowledge and experience.




Maybe your IT team is bogged down with the day-to-day challenges, or you need support to mentor and develop their IT leadership and planning competencies?

Perhaps you are worried that you are not availing of step-change digital technology, competitors are pulling ahead or you are concerned that you are not maximising your current IT investment?

Do you feel that solution providers are pushing their own solution or technology, or they overwhelm you with IT jargon?


We can provide you part-time access to a highly experienced,
senior-level IT Director for an agreed term.

ITdirector.ie brings over 30 years of Technology and Business leadership experience to the table along with a proven track record of delivering services and projects on time and within budget, effecting the needed change and cultivating the ICT performance needed by your business to succeed.

The IT Director Service offering can be tailored specifically to the needs and budget of your business.

The following engagement options are available:

Part Time IT Director

Working part-time on a regular basis e.g., 1 day a week or N days a month on an ongoing basis

Interim IT Director

Working full-time or part-time for a fixed duration e.g., 1 day a week or N days a month for a 3-month period

Project IT Director

Working full-time or part-time on a specific objective e.g., 1 day a week or N days a month for the project duration.

Typical areas of responsibility include:

  • Leadership Engagement
  • IT Strategy/Digital Transformation Strategy
  • IT Team Development and Management
  • Business Applications Selection and Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Program/Project Management
  • IT Budget Management & Optimisation
  • IT Supplier Management

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