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How We Help Your Business

Problem solving is at our core. We address IT challenges and find opportunities for digital innovation for our clients. With over 30 years international Business and Technology leadership experience, we completely understand the problems of running a business.


Problem solving is at our core. We address IT challenges and find opportunities for digital innovation for our you. With over 30 years international business and technology leadership experience, I completely understand the problems of running a business. As independent and trusted business technology advisors, ITdirector.ie help companies to uncover true root causes, take interim remedial steps and  find permanent innovative affordable tech solutions that are right-sized for your business.

We identify tech enabled business opportunities that:

  • Enable Growth through new business models and product/service expansion or enhancements
  • Build and deliver new value adding capabilities
  • Lower risks by astute use of technology foolproofing and automation
  • Achieve Greater ROI on IT and reduce Operational Costs

Clients come to us because they need help in the following areas:


    • Catch-Up with or leapfrog competitor’s digital technology capabilities
    • Address productivity or quality issues through the use of select affordable technology
    • Develop an overarching IT or digital transformation strategy to support ambitious business goals including new business models
    • Determine what opportunities are possible with new affordable subscription (cloud/Saas) based technology solutions
    • Programme management, including bringing existing projects back on track


We help businesses in the following key areas:


Opportunity Assessment & Realisation

  • Asses how affordable technology can be a game changer for your business
  • Implement a tech enabled new product or service.
  • Train/mentor employee(s)
  • Writing proposals.
  • Strategic Planning (functional/enterprise)
  • Programme/Project Mgmt – Initiating and managing tech programmes
  • Apply for funding (i.e. government grant or contract).


Problem Solving

  • Diagnosing the real cause of issues using the 5 Why’s, Fishbone or Design thinking e.g.
    1. Discover – really understand problem and build empathy
    2. Define – refine and narrow down ideas to research
    3. Develop – ideate possible solutions and test these
    4. Deliver – Project management of solution delivery
  • Develop short-term containment plans, remedial actions and longer term solutions
  • Identify and resolving problems
  • Helping to tackling business crisis

Change Management

  • Understanding and defining change
  • Understanding the impact and identifying those affected by change
  • Developing stakeholder mgmt. plans
  • Building energy and momentum behind change – catalyst for change
  • Developing communications plan
  • Supporting users through change (e.g. training, coaching)
  • Measuring impact/benefits
  • Adjusting and correcting plans


  • Management Cover (e.g. Interim CIO, IT Director)
  • Programme/Project Management
  • Change Management (bring others with you)
  • Multi-functional expertise – Quality, Operations and IT
  • Broad Industry Knowledge
  • Providing “a way forward” through the tech confusion
  • Better control/oversight of the business
  • Robust business processes
  • Reliable technology/ ”De-risking”

Let’s Work Together

At ITdirector.ie we have worked with many clients to help them with IT Director, Digital Transformation and IT Strategy services. We would be happy to book a free “no obligation” consultation to discuss your business challenges, analyse your goals and compose a custom-tailored offering that will generate results for your business.

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