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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the deliberate and ongoing digital evolution of a company, business model, process or methodology, both strategically and tactically.

We know that digital transformation is not easy. We understand that completely. We can support you at every stage of your Digital Transformation journey based on the identified need. Our focus is on finding the best solutions for your business requirements, not tying you into unnecessary subscriptions.

 Digital Transformation is all about engaging customers, while radically improving operations, enabled by technology. However, it’s not just about technology and its implementation. It’s about looking at your business strategy through the lens of technical capabilities and how that changes how you are operating and generating revenues.

Ask yourself the following questions . . . .

“What would a start-up do to disrupt your business model, to compete digitally with your most successful products, or radically change cost structures by fully automating key business processes?”

 “If this disruptor appeared, what would you have to change and become in order to compete and dominate?”

ITdirector.ie bring a unique vantage point on the intersection between business technology and digital transformation. We guide businesses through their digital journey, optimising their existing processes or looking to radically improve an operation through digital transformation. This is achieved by following our Blueprint for Success. We diagnose business problems with a deep dive into business drivers, technology and people, to truly understand what is required to make things work the way that you want.

ITdirector.ie’s Blueprint for Digital Transformation Success

Organisations are struggling against the joint challenges of changes in customer demand and the increasing cost of doing business. Many have realised that their legacy systems are directly impacting their operating costs. Meanwhile competitors innovate their way out of corners, using technology to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.


ITdirector.ie are problem solvers. Our Digital Transformation approach is focused on the collaboration between people, processes and technology. We work hand and hand with you to find the right technology mix to help you achieve your business goals. We map out your journey, keeping your business on the road to success. We help you to transform your business, through innovative thinking and the right mix of business technologies. We can optimise your business to improve existing operating processes and business models. Transformation can occur when business goals and change management are co-aligned. That could be achieved through looking at productivity or quality issues, customer satisfaction or disruption from incumbent or new competitors in the market.

ITdirector.ie’s role is to help identify business opportunities through Digital Transformation


  • Assess current capabilities / market needs
  • Identify new capabilities and how to put them in place
  • Establish where savings can be achieved
  • Stimulate growth through digital transformation initiatives
  • Create and implement new services
  • Pinpoint and reduce risk
  • Create solutions through innovation and collaboration
  • Establish a laser focus on Business Value Results


ITdirector.ie have worked with large scale private enterprises across multiple sectors and in public organisations. We consistently have experienced that transformation can only occur if people are a part of that change. Technology is an enabler, but people must sign up to the outcomes if your IT projects or programmes are going to succeed. ITdirector.ie have a proven track record of enabling this to happen

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